2021 Giving Portfolio

A summary of 2021

Thank you for your generous hearts!

We want to start by thanking every single person who supported us throughout 2021. Your generosity has spread to multiple organizations that are turning this worlds kingdoms upside down & uplifting the marginalized across the globe.

We are excited to see what 2022 has in store!
If you have any organizations  or needs you believe  could use support, send us your suggestions here!

Your generosity was given into the key areas of evangelism, discipleship, education, hospitality, and supporting the next generation.

Thanks to your generosity...

Everyday Mission was able to provide for local needs, such as helping provide a car to a local single mother. We are excited for continued growth of the EDM community, the numerous prayer times that we have had in our local communities, as well as worship nights and the beautiful relationships forming along the Treasure Coast.

Abroad, we  worked with organizations to provide shelter to people in Haiti. We are continuing to work on discipleship material for the amazing people of Haiti following the way of Jesus, as  well as refugee populations settled in Italy! God is doing amazing things in church families around the world. Your generous contributions make all of this possible.

Thank you for continuing to be brave enough to be small with us!

 From the Back to Jerusalem website,
"Back to Jerusalem is the goal of the Chinese church to evangelize the unreached peoples from eastern provinces of China, westwards towards Jerusalem. The vision was birthed among the Chinese in the 1920s, and since that time, the churches of China have strove and even suffered persecution to fulfill what they believe is their integral role in fulfilling the Great Commission. Our organization partners with the church of China to not only evangelize the religiously oppressed areas of Asia, but to also train and send Chinese missionaries into the unreached regions of the globe, including Muslim, Buddhist, and Hindu nations. "
From the By His Stripes website,
"By His Stripes Ministry, is a ministry with a mission. To make disciples for Jesus Christ and unite to His Church. We do this by coming together with the Body of Christ, (different churches) in His works. We are an ecumenical ministry. We Believe in the Holy Trinity, and we are saved through grace by our Lord Jesus Christ who died and resurrected from the dead, and By His Stripes we are healed. We are very involved with the bread ministry, feeding and clothing the homeless, visiting those in prison, Alcoholic Anonymous, vising the seniors, visiting and serving the veterans, visiting those are sick, special events, retreats and preaching God’s Word."
From the Cru website,
 "Cru is a community passionate about connecting people to Jesus Christ.
Our purpose is helping to fulfill the Great Commission in the power of the Holy Spirit by winning people to faith in Jesus Christ,
building them in their faith and sending them to win and build others.
We help the body of Christ to do evangelism and discipleship in a variety of creative ways."
From the Catch the Wave of Hope website,
"Catch the Wave of Hope has a mission to prevent the sex trafficking of children through awareness, education, restoration, and legislation.

Our vision is to be an empowering voice and defender of sexually trafficked children."
From the Derek Prince Ministries website "Derek Prince Ministries continues to reach out to believers in over 140 countries with Derek’s teachings, fulfilling the mandate to keep on “until Jesus returns”. This is effected through the outreaches of more than 45 Derek Prince Offices around the world, including primary work in Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Russia, South Africa, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States."
Go. Build. Love. is a non-profit local to South Florida.
They have been working within communities of Haiti to provide clean water and spread the Good News. They work with local community leaders to ensure every family gets clean water. They have teams in the US and in Haiti that see to the needs of rural communities.
 We are proud to partner in the work they are doing to see the Kingdom come in Haiti.
Photo by Miguel Bruna on Unsplash
From the IJM website,
"International Justice Mission is a global organization with a solution to end human trafficking.

We partner with local authorities in 24 program offices in 14 countries to combat slavery, violence against women and children, and police abuse of power against people who are poor."
From the Kurandza website
"Kurandza is a grassroots nonprofit that believes in the power of education. We educate and equip girls to have a say in their future and create dignified employment opportunities for women globally. With your help, we’re creating transformational change for girls and women around the world."
From the Lifetime Website
"When children are well nourished and take part in safe, fun, enriching physical activity, their minds and bodies can flourish. But for too many of our children, the opposite is true—lack of proper nutrition and activity puts them at risk of chronic physical, cognitive and socio-emotional disease. This reality is simply unacceptable.

Life Time Foundation focuses on sustainable, impactful change in two main areas:
  1. Nutrition. We collaborate with school food leaders to help them serve wholesome, nourishing, minimally processed food in schools across the country.
  2. Movement. We partner with schools and community organizations nationwide to get kids moving—supporting these organizations as they make long-term, sustainable progress toward building healthier futures for the kids they serve."
From the Loving on Purpose Website
"How Can You Experience Healthy Relationships and Stronger Connections?
At Loving on Purpose, we know you want to be someone who experiences respectful, loving, and life-giving connection in all your important relationships—with your spouse, kids, friends, coworkers, and more. We were all created to have our deepest needs met and fulfill our purpose in life through healthy relationships."
From the Search Party Co. Website
"Search Party is a collective.  
Our diverse team comes together to help clients put their values into practice.
We believe that with a clear sense of purpose, you can work with the best people and develop a great community within and beyond your organization."
Sprit and Life Ministries seeks to
"provide an atmosphere for the exaltation of Jesus Christ in worship
and daily living and to develop mature Christians who are ready for the
coming of the Lord."

From the Streetlights website 
"Streetlights is a ministry of Creative Communicators called to intentionally engage global urban culture with the Gospel of Jesus Christ by producing, translating, teaching and proclaiming God’s Word so all can understand. Our identity and call are founded on the belief that God’s Word is transformational and needs to be accessible and understandable to all people.."
From the Tim Tebow Foundation website 
"To bring Faith, Hope and Love to those needing a brighter day in their darkest hour of need."
This foundation works in four areas of ministry. It serves communities of children living with special needs and high medical needs. They also work in orphan care and prevention as well as aiding in putting a stop to human trafficking.
From the Younglife website 
"Young Life is a Christian ministry that reaches out to middle school, high school, and college students in all 50 of the United States and in more than 100 countries around the world."