Our Everyday Mission

Brave enough to be small

Jesus gave us an Everyday Mission

The broad picture

We are on a mission to empower microchurches (home churches, missional communities, simple expressions of the church family) to love deeply, give generously, and raise whole disciples of Jesus.

We are a voluntary, intentional community of missions and microchurches that learn from one another, encourage each other, and seek to see the Treasure Coast of Florida and beyond, flourish with the Gospel of Jesus.
We seek to live in a holistic manner which expresses our love of Jesus and His creation. We work to care for and love one another like family. We acknowledge the broken world around us in need of healing. We believe we are agents of God's restorative power, and that we are asked to steward it well in our spheres of influence. Daily, we desire to grow in maturity so that we can bear God's image well on the earth. We are hungry to see the power of God break into our world both in our homes and workplaces.

{ Priorities }

Kingdom Community

We believe in community life that is shared for the long run, healing, hopeful, and fun. Modern life presents unique challenges for individuals and families that desire to practice the way of Jesus. We are committed to develop a set of shared practices and rhythms that promote shalom - the peace of Christ - across all spheres of our lives. We strive to empower everyday leaders to create spaces of authentic community within their homes, neighborhoods, workplaces, and lives.

Kingdom Transformation

We are committed to a life centered around intimacy with the Lord and the power of the Holy Spirit. We believe all fruitfulness is born out of intimacy with God through prayer, worship, and shared study of the scripture. We acknowledge that transformation is a lifelong process of partnership with the Holy Spirit and with the church.  This process is quiet and hidden, like a mustard seed. At other times, it is vocal, prophetic, and demonstrative. Both expressions require our intentional commitment to growth and submission to God's power to lead, guide and direct.

Kingdom Mission

We have a passion for empowering the Christ-centered entrepreneur. We define entrepreneur broadly to include founders of nonprofits and businesses, church planters, artists, musicians, and cultural influencers -anyone who pursues their vocation with initiative and creativity born out of their relationship with Jesus. We are committed to using our gifts, skills, and networks to gather resources to be stewarded well for the least of these in the darkest places of the world.
These principals are carried out in life together in microchurches, in prayer and on mission.
We believe that every disciple of Jesus is called to grow in wisdom and knowledge
and that these shared practices done together over the long-haul help produce a a life of abundance in all areas.

What's your everyday mission?

"Christian community is not an ideal we must realize;
it is rather a reality created by God in Christ in which we may participate."
- Dietrich Bonhoeffer