Equipping Everyday Missionaries

When you decided to become a disciple of Jesus, you agreed to join his plan to redeem and restore the earth. Part of that plan is you discovering your unique gifts and calling and living that out to your best ability. But that doesn't happen by magic! Like everything worth learning, it takes time and effort. You'll also need wise guides and a community of other learners around you. That's the heart behind Everyday Mission.

The Upside-Down Umbrella

Leading a church or a Christian non-profit takes a lot of time, energy, and resources. In order to be fruitful, these ministries need to focus on their vision without distractions. We get that!

Everyday Mission is designed as an "upside-down umbrella" to support local churches and ministries by providing training and activation for disciples from all walks of life. Maybe your non-profit needs help coming up with a discipleship strategy for an over-seas location. Or, maybe your church needs training in sharing their faith or prophetic ministry. We can help!

Ways to Get Equipped

Below are a few of the ways Everyday Mission can help equip, encourage, and activate you in your gifts and calling. Don't forget to subscribe to our community to receive updates about events and more ways to grow!

Kingdom Keys

In the Kingdom of God, there are keys to unlock God's grace for even the most challenging situations. Learn, try them yourself, then teach others! Here's a sample of some of the keys we've been using.

EDM Conferences

Everyday Mission can facilitate a conference at your church or within your ministry network. Our emphasis is to take our equipping training and activation and tailor it to your specific context. Contact us and check out events for more information.

EDM Coaching

Maybe you have an existing church or ministry that you need help expanding your discipleship and equipping capacity. Or, maybe you are just starting out and want to launch a new mission or microchurch. We got you.

EDM University

Everyday Mission's digital collaborative learning environment, tailor made to help equip and activate Everyday Missionaries. EDMU will be coming soon in another form, but for now you can view some of our previous training sessions and workshops on our YouTube channel here.