Our Story

The start of a movement of everyday Christians

Just after 9/11, a small group of friends began gathering in Jupiter, Florida trying to discover what it meant to be church and follow Jesus faithfully. The kingdoms of the world were shaken that day in 2001, but the Kingdom of God beckoned.

Under the radar, we started other simple faith communities (we now call microchurches). We also launched and supported missionaries here and abroad. Groups came and went. People moved away and others joined. We raised kids and held jobs through good and tough times. But we stayed faithful to the call of the Kingdom.

Everyday Mission was born out of a desire to share what we've learned in the small and brave communities that love Jesus, and to equip these communities to see our world flourish and the Gospel of God's love shown to all.

Looking forward...

Planted in an area of the world (the Treasure Coast of Florida) that is both life-giving and prosperous yet fast paced and demanding, we are committed to shared practices that promote spiritual, physical, and emotional well-being. This way of life is the starting point from which we work together to encourage and support our various vocational callings and commitments.

The body of Christ needs an injection of Kingdom hope now more than ever. Renewal is not a dream, it’s essential in this cultural moment. We’ve formed Everyday Mission as a three-legged renewal stool: Prayer, Generous Giving, and Planting microchurches.

Will you join us?

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