Fund the Mission

Storing up money where moths and rust cannot destroy.

An Investment Fund for the Kingdom.

We have created a tax-deductible giving platform through Everyday Mission. Somewhat like a mutual fund for eternity.
We steward our resources both locally and globally to organizations that serve the least of these: widows, orphans, marginalized people groups (women, children, & prisoner both in developing nations and our local community) and the persecuted church.

Our giving focus

We distribute money in key areas of evangelism, discipleship, education, hospitality, and supporting the next generation. We believe the poor will always be with us. Because of this, a portion of our giving is always focused on the poor, but we are intentional about giving to organizations that provide spiritual food as well as physical food. Check out our current list of organizations and missions we support through this fund below.
We are storing up money where moths and rust cannot destroy. This ensures that we will have friends from every tribe, tongue and nation restored because of our willingness to serve the world through our generosity. We are transparent with our giving, and when you give a donation you will get a tax deductible receipt as well as a pamphlet that explains the projects your generosity funded.

If you would like to give to a specific need please select the appropriate fund you'd like to see the money sent to. Otherwise select general to help with whatever needs are most pressing  at the time of giving.

The way to freedom is generosity.

Money, and where we put our money symbolizes everything we are in our current culture. Just because it has been abused by some ministry, this doesn't mean we shouldn't talk about money. Instead we should work harder to understand it in its right context.

We believe that all that we have is a gift from the Father and was purchased with the blood of Jesus. We believe that spending everything we have on ourselves, and to give without sacrifice is the way of the world that does not lead to a life of wholeness. Rather, we believe generosity is the way of those who call Jesus their King. Serving him with renewed hearts and minds frees us from the trap of riches which choke out the Word bearing fruit in our lives. The simple act of generosity sets us free from being dominated by the systems of the world.

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