What does it mean to be the church?
That seems like a basic question, until you try to answer it in a few words. In our experience, the church is about three basic elements: worship, community, and mission. 

"We affirm microchurch as the most basic expression of the church. Our ecclesiology is simple. When believers work together in sincere worship and genuine community to accomplish part of the mission of God, they are the church."

An introduction to microchurches

Microchurches are intentionally small and flexible. They are lead by normal people that are commissioned as elders. They can be incredibly diverse, because God's people are diverse. But at the heart of any microchurch is a simple structure to help people grow.

Authentic Community

God's heart for the church is to create environments where people are known and loved. We all desire to know and be known by others. We need purpose and meaning. But most of all we need to be loved. It is only in the context of love that we can grow.

Whole Discipleship

Microchurches are specifically designed as environments where people can experience God's love, grow as disciples of Jesus, and live out their calling and mission. Microchurches are not an end in themselves; they are a means to an end. They exist only to serve the people, their lives, and equip them for their mission.

Radical generosity

No doubt about it, God's people are called to have giving hearts. People desiring to give of their time, efforts, and resources to lift the marginalized (the poor, widow, orphan and immigrant). Microchurches encourage generosity and aid every person involved to complete the every day missions they are called to.